Thursday, June 30, 2016

Humans of Downey - Scott


"I think I probably watch too much sports on TV. I find myself attached to the TV when golf is on or football when it's on, stuff like that. Instead I should be working around the house or working on my golf game, both of which I don't do enough.

"One of my early memories of success was when I was chosen to be on the All Star team of Pony League baseball in Downey. We got to play at Dodger Stadium. This is where I learned team play, depending on others for the success of the team. It taught me that you need everyone on the field to work together instead of as individuals like in golf. It makes you feel good when you are helping others. I think before I was a part of a successful team I didn't recognize the necessity and power of teamwork. I have taken that experience and knowledge into my adult life, especially when coaching my son in baseball. I'm trying to relay the idea that everyone has to do their part for the team to be successful."
~ Scott

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