Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Humans of Downey - Edward


"I'm a dancer. I'm a swing dancer and a blues dancer. My last dance I went to was in Pasadena on Saturday. I went to see Flattop Tom and His Jump Cats. I've been following them for many years. Tomorrow night I'm heading to a dance in Burbank at Joe's Great All American Bar and Grill. It's a rockabilly band called Crown City Bombers. Saturday I'm going back into Pasadena to see Debbie Watson out of Austin, Texas. She's a blues girl.

"In 1952, I was in the 5th grade at Our Lady, Queen of Angels, in Los Angeles. Sister Mary, my teacher, noticed that I had rhythm. She asked me if she could teach me how to do the swing. From Sister Mary's adventure I fell in love with her. So much so that I wanted to get married to her. When I asked her to marry me she said she was already married. And I said, to who? She said, to Jesus. And I shook my fist to the heavens and said, 'Aahh.' But I've been dancing ever since.

"I met my first wife on the dance floor, at a wedding. I was 18 years old and fell in love. We were married within 6 months. We produced four great children. The marriage didn't last long but we are still friends."

~ Edward

PS This interview took place at Furman Park during the Wiseguys concert, one of the Concert in the Park series on Wednesday nights. Next week will feature the Downey Symphony. Come out and enjoy the free entertainment at 7:00pm.

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