Thursday, July 20, 2017

Humans of Downey - Julie


"Being Miss Downey provides many opportunities to perform service in our community as we volunteer at different organizations. I think this helps me grow as I get to know people and myself better. By meeting and speaking with people, by speaking in front of people, I grow as a person. I ran for Miss Downey four times. The three previous times I was chosen to be a Princess. I think these experiences have taught me patience, to be a team player, and to grow in my maturity. I've learned to never stop trying.

"Not only has being Miss Downey helped me to grow as a person, but I think that as I meet and get to know more people I will find people that will help me along my path of becoming a veterinarian doctor. I graduated from Cal State University Long Beach with my Bachelors but I need a few more prerequisites before I apply to one of the vet schools. I'm thinking of applying to UC Davis and Cal Poly Pomona. Veterinarian school is very difficult and I know I can't complete my goal on my own. I will need a lot of help from others to succeed. Being Miss Downey helps me get a little closer to that goal."

~ Julie

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