Thursday, July 27, 2017

Humans of Downey - Marisa


"I think this year of being a Miss Teen Princess is changing me. It is a pleasure to work these events, and the community service activity is helping to build my confidence. It also helps my ability to speak in public, to help others, and to be a more well-rounded person. Currently, I'm a junior in high school and being a part of this pageant will help me to do well in classes, to graduate, and get into a good college. Two of the goals I am thinking about pursuing are nursing and anesthesiology. These both fit into my desire to help and serve others.

"It will also allow me to enter and succeed in larger and more competitive pageants such as Miss Los Angeles or Miss Orange County. This pageant has helped me build my relationship skills so I would like to expand and improve even more by competing in larger pageants.

"In preparing for the pageant, we have had to practice our speaking skills and interacting with new acquaintances. At the Stay Gallery, we had to socialize with the mayor of Downey and other officials of the city. We had to introduce ourselves, tell what position we were running for, and introduce our sponsors. We got to meet new people and interact with people we may never have met otherwise. Meeting adults of authority was somewhat intimidating, but I think I did very well. My mom recorded my talk and it was a proud moment for my family."

~ Marisa

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