Thursday, November 14, 2013

Where is 3rd Street?


In its beginning, Downey High School was on the corner of Firestone Blvd and Brookshire Avenue, but only went up to 3rd Street. Later, the school expanded to occupy several acres north of 3rd Street. But what did they do with the actual 3rd Street, you may ask?

Well, the parts of it that didn't have buildings constructed on them were left intact, so that today you can still see the asphalt street complete with curbs in the middle of the Downey High School campus. Above is the east entrance as seen from the west entrance of Stonewood Center. Below is the west entrance as seen from the Downey library.

DSCN1486I was talking to one of the security personnel who told me that they still say they are working on "3rd Street." Also, several years ago an elderly man drove in to the east entrance of the campus as seen above and thought he could continue straight across and get to Brookshire Avenue. He was informed that he couldn't any longer and had to turn around.

It's interesting how some things change and yet retain some of their original parts.


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