About us

Pam Lane is a part-time photographer and full-time technical writer for IBM. She specializes in travel and nature photography. She likes to get the whole picture, and present the scene in its historical and geographical context.
Pam's photography web site: pamlanephotography.com
Pam's photography blog: pam lane's 10,000 pictures

Joan Anderson is a part-time photographer and full-time Costco assistant warehouse manager. She finds interest in the small details and the close-ups.
Joan's photography web site: joanandersonphotography.com
Joan's Flickr photostream: joanderson08's photostream

Allison Mansell is a part-time photographer and full-time dreamer. She sees the people in the scene. Allison's dad, Steve, is Allison's fill-in when school takes up too much of her time. He actually talks to the people in the scene, and he's brought a whole new aspect to our posts.
Allison's photography web site: amansell.smugmug.com
Allison's photography blog: http://amansellphotography.blogspot.com/
Allison's Flickr photostream: amansellphotography's photostream