Friday, August 27, 2010

"Light" industry

Cummins Cal Pacific

Cummins Cal Pacific is located in the industrial area of Downey along the railroad tracks. (That makes Downey sound huge, doesn't it? In reality, the industrial area is a very small section along one side of the tracks.) They have something to do with electrical power generation.

I just liked how the sun lit up the building during our late evening walk last weekend.

From the company's web site, "Cummins Engine Company was incorporated on February 3, 1919. William Glanton "W.G." Irwin—a successful Columbus banker-investor who supported several local entrepreneurs—supplied the starting capital. The new company’s namesake, Clessie Lyle Cummins, was a self-taught mechanic-inventor. The Irwins hired him in 1908 to drive and maintain their car, and later set him up in business as an auto mechanic. During World War I, Clessie operated a machine shop that thrived on government contracts."

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