Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The chaplain

Downey Fire Dept Chaplain prayer

In addition to watching the Compartment Fire Behavior Training last weekend, I had the opportunity to meet the Downey Fire Department's new chaplain, Father John Higgins. He has been the pastor at St. Raymond's Catholic Church since 2002, and was named fire department chaplain just a few weeks ago. Father John is still learning what his responsibilities include. While I was there, he led the firefighters in prayer before they started the live fire portion of the training.

Downey Fire Dept Chaplain Father JohnWhile we watched the training, we chatted a little about Downey Daily Photos. When I told him the types of things that we photograph, he invited me to the St. Raymond's Halloween Carnival (Oct. 28-30), which includes a haunted house. (He jokingly complained that in the past when he has gone through the haunted house, the workers greet him with a cheery "Hi, Father John," instead of scaring him.)

Looking forward to seeing you there, Father John!

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