Thursday, June 28, 2012

My vote counts


How am I supposed to write about a political dinner I attended when I have absolutely no interest in politics?

This was my trepidation before Joan and I walked into the Rio Hondo Event Center today and met Patricia Kotze-Ramos, candidate for the new 58th Assembly District. But she was friendly and down to earth as she mingled with the various hierarchies of Downey in her red-white-and-blue outfit. So I thought I'd give her my ear for the night. She seemed to fuse into hugs as if everyone was her best friend. Her smile was not the politician smile I was expecting. It was genuine and comfortable and happy.

Someone sat down at our table and started to talk to Joan and me.

Where are we from? How are we connected to this?

We live in Downey and came to see what it was all about. How was he connected?

He owns a small business. He lives here in Downey. He serves on several boards with “Patty.” In other words, he’s very connected.

We talk for an hour and a half about how Walmart is taking over the world and shutting down small businesses, an African Safari he went on, and the reasons why Patty should be our Assemblywoman. He told us the reasons to pay attention to who we are voting for because without our interest, the wrong people can get into power and make poor and greedy decisions.

Patricia Kotze-Ramos got up at the end of the dinner, made a speech about being excited and the need to press on and ended with thanking others throughout the room.

By the end of our dinner, I want to volunteer and join Soroptimist International of Downey (where Patty is also a member). And I want to pay more attention to what is going on nationally, statewide, and right here in my hometown.

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  1. I'm glad you were inspired a little -- artists need to speak up in politics so we can talk about how the arts builds and sustains communities


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