Sunday, July 15, 2012

Small boy, big dreams

Lana-Peer watching the space shuttle

I was very disappointed to miss the day-long celebration related to the display of the 128-foot space shuttle replica. But Downey Daily Photos reader (and fellow Downey Arts Coalition member) Lana Wahlquist was there with her kids, and caught this great shot that she called "Small boy, big dreams."

Lana reports, "We had a great time. I missed the ceremony because I didn't think my kids would be cooperative. But they played at the museum and in the bounce house and Peer got a kick out of seeing the space shuttle close up. We went home for lunch and nap time, then came back for what we thought would be the end. Well, no one was there but the crew and they were still working hard at moving pieces out and putting the thing together. So while we were there they actually moved out that back piece with the jets and Peer was really excited about that. And that's when I snapped the photo. So not many people got to see that back portion.

"I don't know if it's just a boy thing, or because Peer is a Downey-ite, but he looooooves space! We've had such a fun time doing the preschool classes at the Space Museum and visiting it now and then. He loves it!"

Thanks, Lana, for sharing!

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