Wednesday, September 19, 2012

People of the morning 1


I am Steven Mansell, Allison's dad. I'll be filling in for Allison for a few months while she concentrates on her school work.

I ride my bike in the early morning hours for exercise and on my rides I see others out getting their daily exercise. I also see others doing their jobs during these dark hours. I thought I would do a series on "The People of the Morning" to see who's up at 5:30am and what are they doing.

20120919_054513[1]I've seen this couple, Kevin and Heather, (they really are there) walking each morning during this time and thought they would be a good start to the series. They walk each morning about 3 1/2 miles to keep up a healthy lifestyle. They wear the reflective vests to be seen in the dark. Both options work.

What do you do toward having a healthy lifestyle?

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  1. I eat as healthy as I can and I hike the Whittier hills. I wish I had time to do more though. I put myself in a dance class in order to make myself exercise twice a week. :p


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