Thursday, December 20, 2012

More on Christmas trees

Christmas tree 2

I thought I would follow up on Joan's earlier post of The tradition of the tree. Just across the street of The Marketplace that I posted about yesterday is a Christmas tree lot. There you can pick just the right tree that fits your house and tastes. The workers have already cut the base of the trunk, nailed a water holding stand onto it and even put water into the stand to keep it fresh for you. All you have to do is transport it home, decorate it to your heart's content and enjoy the smell of fresh pine in your home for a few weeks.

12-19-12_0905They even have trees that look like they still have the snow on them but the snow never melts. Personally, even if I don't go out and cut down my own tree, it's tradition for me to cut the trunk and put it into the stand myself. What are your Christmas tree traditions?

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