Friday, January 17, 2014

Where there's smoke

Wildfire glow

I woke up Thursday morning thinking that I must have woken up earlier than usual—nothing else could explain that beautiful sunrise glow on the walls. But no, instead, it was the result of the smoke in the air from the wildfire burning in our local mountains, about 30 miles northeast of us.

There's never been a wildfire in Downey that I can remember. But we are impacted all the time by the wildfires in the surrounding mountains. Smoke fills the air; schools are closed or the kids are kept inside; ash covers parked cars. And neighboring cities send help. Two Downey fire department engines were dispatched to assist.

As of tonight, the Colby wildfire is 30% contained, due to the fact that the weather cooperated and the winds died down today. But 1700 acres have burned, and at least five homes have been destroyed. At least four people have been injured.

Too high a price for a little early morning golden glow.

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