Thursday, February 13, 2014

Country in the city


My wife and I often pass this house on our walks in the evenings. We always admire it since the owners have captured the look of the country and brought it here to Downey.

The bush-lined walkway and the aspen trees in the yard compliment each other in size and shape. There is a deck by the front door with an umbrella-covered table I'm sure they use to eat meals. It is set off from the street by the taller bushes so as not to be seen from the street. They have given us many good ideas for our own front yard.

Do you look for ideas in other people's yards?

During our walk, the full moon was coming up.

"The city is always recruited from the country. The men in cities who are the centers of energy, the driving-wheels of trade, politics or practical arts, and the women of beauty and genius, are the children or grandchildren of farmers, and are spending the energies which their fathers' hardy, silent life accumulated in frosty furrows in poverty, necessity and darkness."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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