Sunday, May 8, 2016

A sign on the way to the park

Electrical box mural

On my way to Wilderness Park this afternoon, I spotted this electrical box mural. I'm never sure, unless I actually see the artist at work, whether the mural is new or if I've just now noticed it. This one shows a composite of Downey park scenes on three of the sides.

Electrical box muralThe fourth side is a painting of the "Welcome to Downey" sign that used to be located on Firestone Boulevard. The sign contains the emblems of various Downey organizations. At the bottom is the "Four Way Test," created by Herbert J. Taylor and later adopted by the Rotary International:
1. Is it the truth?
2. Is it fair to all concerned?
3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Sounds like good questions to ask, even if the original sign isn't around anymore.

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