Thursday, May 11, 2017

Humans of Downey - Fernando


"For 32 years I was a scout master for the Boy Scouts. My headquarters was at the Salvation Army Youth building at 11th and Union in Los Angeles. In Mexico, as a child, I was in niño exploradores. My one son rose to the level of Eagle Scout, while the other son was more into sports. He was trained by the Marines to compete in the triathlon.

"One significant part of my duties was to train the scouts in survival. We would go out into the desert to train. I taught them to survive by finding edible plants and animals. Things such as rattle snakes, worms, roots and insects. One time, I had sent a scout on a mission to traverse a part of the desert and find a certain road. An accident happened and he broke his leg. He was able to survive, eating what he could find. He was found when he signaled a helicopter using Morse code."

~ Fernando

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