Thursday, February 22, 2018

Humans of Downey - Diego


"I would consider myself just like everyone else because I have a positive attitude. I try to contribute to the community here in Downey as best as I can. I work here at Goodwill where we take things that people don't want and then we find others that might want those same things. I believe that is a service to the city and to the community, but specifically to the people who are down on their luck. Some of our customers may not have the resources that we might have. That's how I contribute to the community.

"I had an incident recently that happened here at work. We are seeing a larger number of homeless people in our community. With the temperatures dropping to just above freezing, it concerns me. A gentleman came to the Donation Center and asked for a blanket. With all my heart I wished I could have given him something, but unfortunately these items don't belong to me. I'm not in the position to give anybody anything that has been dropped off. So, I had to tell him no. I prayed for him."

~ Diego

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