Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Tierra Luna


These are the last few acres of the immense land given to Downey when Boeing closed their plant in Downey. The first half of the land became Downey Landing. A giant parking lot surrounded by stores and restaurants. Now the other half has become the Promenade, Downey. This time it is a giant parking lot dotted with shops and restaurants.


The definition of a promenade is, 1. "A leisurely walk, or sometimes a ride or drive, taken in a public place so as to meet or be seen by others." 2. "The place where one would take the leisurely walk". There is nowhere in the Downey Promenade to take a leisurely walk. When you sit at Panera's to have a leisurely meal and look out on the lovely landscape, all you see is a parking lot.

Promenade in Paris

This is a promenade. Let us hope that the plans for the rest of Tierra Luna (Promenade) will not look like the current lunar landscape but instead, a beautiful park-like area to take a leisurely walk and meet others doing the same.

"The promenade is a special subset of walking." 
~ Rebecca Solnit

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  1. Thank you Downey Daily Photos for pointing out the bleakness of the development at the so-called "Promenade." So far it is an opportunity lost. Let's see if Downey can do something great with what little remains.


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