Thursday, January 10, 2019

Photos are for remembering

We are visiting our son, daughter-in-law, and new grandson in Florida. Now that our children are having children, we are being asked about things that happened when our children were younger. First words, first steps, school work, and so on. My problem is that the older I get, the more my memory is becoming a blur. I have a few memory snapshots of my children growing up that I can still call up. But even though I lived everyday with them, there are years of living I can't remember.

But what I do have are lots of pictures of my children. Each one of those pictures brings back memories of the events that surrounded our taking the picture. I can remember Christmases, school plays, birthdays, and just being family. These days I love pulling out a pile of pictures and going through them to bring up those memories.

For nine years, Downey Daily Photos has been publishing photos and stories of our Downey community. These photos and stories are meant to bring to your attention events and people that, put together, make up a small part of the life of Downey.

But maybe these events or the people in them have become a blur in your memory. This post is to encourage you to take a look back at some of our posts to remember something that is getting a little blurry lately. (For example, do you remember when Downey was a host city for a group of foreign athletes?)


  1. I miss the photos from all of you. Thanks for them and all the stories!

    1. Deb, thanks for the encouraging words. Hopefully we'll get in a rhythm again. :-)


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