Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two feet (Theme week: feet)

03 18 10_2138
Working out in the garden this morning, I decided to go barefoot. The cool grass tickled my toes and the dirt was fresh as I mulched around the pincushions surrounding the cherry tree. I sat in the sun for awhile pruning the lavender, weeding through the butterfly bush, letting the bees pollinate my roses and watching the next door neighbor's cat play in the cocoa mulch. This cocoa mulch is supposed to deter this specific cat from playing in my garden. I guess it isn't working.

So I lazed about on my day off of work enjoying the sunshine and listening to the squirrels that have found a home in our avocado tree.

After being outside for hours I came inside to make dinner for the family, have dinner with the family, and clean up the mess from the family.

All this to say I didn't remember it was my Downey Daily day until an hour after the sun had set and seven hours after my planned photo shoot was supposed to happen.

So this one, as it is still the theme week of feet, consists of another kind of feet. I hope it counts.

Also, I'm still barefoot.


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