Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Approaching Los Angeles


For the past year we have posted pictures taken in Downey, after all, our blog is Downey Daily Photos. But Downey is sourrounded by so many other cities with many interesting sites, we thought we would throw in a few now and then. So, here goes...this is a view of downtown LA, entering the city via surface streets. I have always been drawn to the skyline view of the city — and I loved how the city popped into view as we were driving in along Whittier Blvd.

IMG_0279_1Many people don't realize how close Downey is to downtown Los Angeles. In fact, there is a historical marker (placed in Downey in 1908) on the sidewalk by the Rives Mansion that indicates that the distance from the corner of 3rd Street and Paramount is 13 miles to the Los Angeles County Courthouse.


  1. Joanie, you are a great photographer! Love the feeling of this photo! Can I shadow you on a photoshoot some day? =)

    Judi Toland

  2. Great the one day I drive through Downey looking for you to take my picture you are in LA!! hahaha

  3. Judi, I would love to have you along for a photo shoot. We would have a great time.
    Joanne, you are just silly!


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