Sunday, February 27, 2011


Edison workers

Edison noticeToday our house was without power. Due to scheduled maintenance, the Southern California Edison company shut off our power at exactly midnight last night, and it didn't come back on until 3 p.m. this afternoon.

Edison sent out a notification, which I left with the mail so that my household would be aware. For those who paid attention, the shutoff came as only a slight surprise. For those who weren't paying attention, the shutoff meant that the term paper due tonight had to be completed at someone else's house today.

Being powerless is a good reminder of all the things we take for granted: lights, phones, hair dryers, heating, refrigerators, charging batteries, signals, and much, much more.

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  1. We had some work done on our electrics and had it turned off, it was so odd, like you say we reallt take it for granted!


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