Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mission style arches


While there are many different styles of architecture in our city, I love the Spanish or Mission style. It does speak to our history and has a kind of casual elegance. I like the solidness of the adobe look and the arches add a repeated pattern that is appealing. I have to admit, the arches are my favorite.

It is interesting that although Downey is named after an Irish immigrant, the area has a rich history of both Mexican and Spanish influence. In 1771, under the jurisdiction of the San Gabriel Mission, Juan Nieto was granted 300,000 acres of land that encompassed a significant piece of Southern California. 96 acres of this grant was a parcel known as Rancho Santa Gertrudes, which as early as 1873 was called "Downey City." Click here for more info on the history of Downey.

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