Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Urban decay


I am so drawn to Rancho Los Amigos. There is history here and mystery too. I heard it aptly described this past week as urban decay. It is accurate, but it seems so odd because it is right here, in Downey, middle class America.

CRW_5015It feels like such a waste. It was once this thriving city within a city. Hundreds of polio patients were treated and housed here. Now, it is empty, silent and fenced off. There are acres of abandoned buildings falling apart as we look on. I read stories of asbestos and other improper building materials. I'm not sure what the resolve will eventually be, but it feels like it is dying right in front of us.



  1. Sad story behind the gorgeous photos.
    I put a yellow sticker on my desk: "Joan to Moscow, provide max. info" I will, but too busy right now((

  2. Irina, I don't want to put you to a lot of trouble. One of the things I think I was most curious about is how to dress and not look like a tourist. Maybe you can give me some feedback on that. My previous 2 trips were in winter, so I just bundled up.

  3. Joan, Way to make decay look so great!

  4. I remember when Los Amigos was a very active place. In the 50's polio was everywhere and I was glad there was a special hospital for those who were learning to live with the after effects. Thank goodness, the days of rampant polio are long gone and parents don't have to wonder everytime their child comes down with sniffles--if maybe, it's polio?


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