Thursday, July 21, 2011

Learn to dive


The ball fields next to the Columbia Memorial Space Center are used by multiple teams for both practice and games. As I was riding my bike by last week, I noticed this softball team, the SoCal Warriors, a 10 and under girl's team, doing an unusual drill. The coach would roll the ball a few yards from the girl at the head of the line. The ball was thrown far enough away that each player would have to dive in order to stop the ball. The encouragement from the coaches was that by stopping the ball the player had kept the ball in the infield and therefore stopped the other team from scoring a run. But diving for a ball on gritty dirt is not an easy thing to persuade your body to do. This girl did though.


And so did this girl. I was very impressed by both the ingenuity of the coaches and the bravery of the players. I would be interested in seeing one of their games to see if the drill produced the expected results.

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