Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Getty Center

Getty building 1

Just 30 miles northwest of Downey is the J. Paul Getty Center, which houses one of the Getty museums. We visited there today and as always we had an enjoyable day. The Getty Center is known for its architecture, its art collection and its care of the environment. Its website has the following statement:
"The J. Paul Getty Museum seeks to inspire curiosity about, and enjoyment and understanding of, the visual arts by collecting, conserving, exhibiting, and interpreting works of art of outstanding quality and historical importance."
Getty bustpurple flower single
A bust of J. Paul Getty  Some orchids on display in the Center's entrance

Another surprising drawing card is its value. Each car costs $15 to park and museum admission is free. They also have free iPods and headphones with collection information recorded on them for you to use during your visit.

Have you ever been to the Getty Center?

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  1. I would love to, if I ever get there. Sounds wonderful and the architecture looks just as fascinating.


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