Tuesday, July 2, 2013

America's Favorite Park!

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Since it is summer and the weather is great, we visit Furman Park quite often. I'm always pleased to see how much activity there is going on. You can find people all over, reading, talking, walking, running, exercising. It is a well-used park.

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For the month of July, Coca Cola is sponsoring "Take it to the Park," offering up to $100,000 to the top winner. Think of what extra money could mean for our park:  a new walking path all the way around the park, maybe some new exercise equipment. All you have to do is go on to the website and vote for your favorite park (Furman, of course). You can vote every day and there are even ways to earn extra votes.

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"We forget that life consists of small everyday experiences and it is what happiness is made of. A walk in the park, a smile from your baby, a beautiful sunrise, an unexpected compliment from a stranger...those are the moments that count most."
~ Sumesh Nair

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