Thursday, October 10, 2013

Milk delivery—now and then


This picture is taken looking east on Downey Ave. just south of Lexington, just like the picture below. That picture shows "Doc" McCormic as the driver for Sid Moore's milk delivery service in 1909. The first in Downey. The open field and single building have been replaced with multiple buildings, palm trees, and telephone poles.


The single horsepower vehicle has been replaced with a slightly more powerful version to deliver the milk to residences here in Downey. Rockview Dairy, another dairy delivery company, has been delivering dairy products to Downey since 1927. You can read their history here. You can start up home delivery here.

Several things that haven't changed are that the milk still comes from contented California cows and the cows run the shop. There are a couple of the leaders up on the roof.

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