Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving traditions


Today my wife and I rode to Ralph's Market to get some last minute ingredients for the apple salad she was making to take over to a friend's house where we were celebrating Thanksgiving. While there, I noticed a long line of people at Boston Market waiting to pick up their Thanksgiving meal.

DSCN1500Later in the day, on our way over to our friend's home, we passed Norm's restaurant. The parking lot was packed and it reminded me that people will celebrate Thanksgiving in their own way as circumstances allow. My family continued our tradition of going to our friend's house along with other friends (28 of us in all). Others may go to a restaurant or go to a mountain cabin to celebrate alone. Others had to work today or wait in line for hot deals and so they celebrated some days before.

The important thing though is that we need a time set aside to think about the blessings each of us enjoy. Another tradition we have is to share with each other things for which we are thankful. I love this part because it reminds me how blessed I am.

What is a Thanksgiving tradition that you enjoy?

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