Wednesday, March 19, 2014

American ingenuity


I've seen this vehicle in this yard when my wife and I are out for an evening walk. We usually are late enough in the evening that the twinkle lights are mostly what we see. I've been wanting to come back during the day to see if there was a useful picture. Boy, was I rewarded today. Brian, the owner, was outside watering his lawn and told me the story behind this 1922 Chevrolet truck.

P1030331At one time, an owner of the vehicle replaced the back wheels with tracks similar to tank tracks. This turned the truck into a tractor. Brian's dad gave it to him and he put it to good use as yard art.

P1030332Brian then took me to his back yard to see his 1923 Chevrolet dump truck. But what I saw was so much more than just the dump truck. Brian built his own water tower (empty), his own swing, and currently he is building a barbeque station complete with a propane barbeque and a smoker.P1030333

These were the most interesting yards, back and front, I have ever seen. Good job, Brian.

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