Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Imagine a park


I have been in Downey over 26 years and I think this lot has been empty for most if not all of that time. I always wonder why the owner would not develop this prime property or sell it so someone else could use it. That is a long time to pay taxes on a non-contributing piece of property.

P1030339This lot is in close proximity to several retirement homes. When I walk by them, the residents are sitting outside with no place to go. The nearest park is over a mile away. My wife was thinking that this lot could be turned into a park complete with trees and walkways for the residents to stretch their legs or stroll in their wheelchairs. What do you think?

The lot even has running water. I tried this tap and it works.

P1030334By the way, you know this empty lot from a previous Downey Daily. This wall used to be covered by a Bumblebee creation.

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