Thursday, July 3, 2014

No motor necessary


Currently, Downey has a campaign going on to promote biking in Downey. This electrical box is painted to remind passersby that riding a bike in downtown Downey, where this box is located, is a good idea. I've even seen the former mayor, Mario Guerra, biking on Downey streets.

DSC_0287 20140703_143523[1]
Several banners around town are another part of the campaign.

Because I live close enough and because it allows me to exercise every day during my travel time, I ride my bike to work every day. An added benefit is that we only need one car now. I'm just hoping bike lanes are part of the campaign. I take all small back streets to work. It's not safe to ride on Imperial Hwy, or any of the other major streets, during commute hours.

Do you ride your bike often? Tell the city council or tell us and we'll tell the city council.

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