Monday, May 4, 2015

The leaning thing

Leaning trees

My friends and I see a lot of life through the filter of movie quotes. And one of our favorites comes from a scene in While You Were Sleeping, where Jack and Lucy discuss the meaning of "leaning." Here's an abridged version of the scene. 
Lucy: What do you mean by "the leaning thing"?
Jack:  lt was a lot different than hugging. Hugging´s very different. Hugging, that involves arms and hands, and leaning is whole bodies moving in, like this. Leaning involves wanting...and accepting. Leaning--
Neighbor: Hey, Luce. ls this guy bothering you?
Lucy: No, no.
Neighbor: Are you sure? 'Cause it looks like he´s leaning.

Well, these trees are "leaning."

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