Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Humans of Downey - Sylvia


"My dad and grandfather were in charge of getting the Christmas tree. One year they wanted to be frugal so they went at the last moment and they brought home to the family a 'Charlie Brown' Christmas tree. It was scraggly, small, but we made it look the best we could. I remember that to this day. Grandpa isn't with us anymore but we remember him when we remember the 'Charlie Brown' tree. We love to remind my dad of it.

"I'm glad they did it because now we have the memory to look back on each year. We say, 'Remember when you got that 'Charlie Brown tree?' Now we get our own trees and don't let dad or grandpa go. That's what we got for letting them pick a tree and being frugal, also known as cheap. In the end it didn't matter how the tree looked. It was about the family time. I love that story. Every time I watch 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' I laugh."
~ Sylvia

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