Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Local island adventure

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On the west edge of Downey is a finger of land that is known as "the island," surrounded on one side by the Rio Hondo River and on the other by the Los Angeles River. It makes for a different kind of river walk adventure.

IMG_7707 as Smart Object-1According to Wikipedia, the Rio Hondo was once known as the "Old River," because it was the old course of the San Gabriel River. The Old River School was named for it, and Old River School Road was named for the school. The "New River" is the present course of the San Gabriel River.

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  1. The "river" on the west of the island is the old river bed of the Rio Hondo River. Before the river was lined with concrete, that was the path of the Rio Hondo. During heavy rains it would sometimes overflow onto the surrounding orange groves.


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