Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Humans of Downey - Adam


"What makes me feel really alive is a lively conversation involving wine. I grew up in Missouri. I went to school in central Missouri with 10,000 people and a lot of cows. My degree was in philosophy. In the evenings, we would go to a place called Country Kitchen, an 80s version of IHOP. I would spend 10 hours there with my coffee, talking with people, discussing philosophy. The majority of the time, my fellow discussion mates would wind up realigning their world views. One of my friends was fond of saying, 'You bring philosophical unrest with you wherever you go.'

"I started a philosophy group in the Netherlands when I studied abroad for a few months. The school, which was international and had students from all over the world, had 600 students and there were 40 of them in our group. I think people were very interested in philosophy, or world views.

"Now I discus wine with others. It's the same format though. You get into a discussion where you're not thinking about other things, you're not looking at your cell phone. You're just talking about a subject."
~ Adam

P.S. Adam was the guest wine instructor at a recent birthday party we attended.

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