Sunday, December 18, 2016

Lots of leg room, no view

Downey Rose Parade float 2017Downey Rose Parade float 2017

Two weeks before the 2017 Rose Parade, Downey's entry still looks pretty bare bones. The finishing touches are being done on the frame. Mike, above, has been working on the Downey floats for 11 years, and is one of the leads on the construction crew.

Mike is also the float's driver. He gets to sit in that green seat for the six hours that it takes to move the float from Downey to Pasadena. Although the float is towed for the move, it still must be steered. And the only thing he can see for the entire trip is the tail end of the tow truck. And then he has to be ready for the two- to three-hour drive for the actual parade.

And he's looking forward to every minute of it!

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