Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Family concert in the park


If you were one of the several hundred concert-goers that attended the Downey Symphony concert at Furman Park this evening, you enjoyed an hour of beautiful music in a peaceful atmosphere. The theme of the night was "Broadway Film Tunes." As always, Downey Symphony was superb in its delivery of these familiar tunes.

DSC_0516They also performed their usual tribute to service men and women by having audience members stand if they or a family member was in the branch for which the theme song of that branch was playing. An audience favorite.

DSC_0518The concert was made more enjoyable because of the family atmosphere, which was demonstrated by another standard of these concerts. Sharon Lavery, the music director, announced that she had run out of energy and needed the help of the children of the audience to come up and conduct the symphony for the last tune, which was a John Phillip Sousa classic march.

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