Thursday, July 13, 2017

Humans of Downey - Joe and Joseph

HofD Joe 07-13-17

"It's not that I want Joseph to be just like me, but I want him to instill the things I'm teaching him. I hope he listens. I'm going to lay a canvas out for him and he can choose what he wants. That way, he'll be himself.

"The one character trait I want my son to see in me and choose to build in himself is honesty. Every day, I quiz him about his day. I ask him, 'What do you remember about today?' He reflects back and tells me what he did. If we catch him in a little lie, we correct him. If he catches himself in a lie, he corrects himself. It gives him practice in honesty."

~ Joe

PS Joe is teaching his son to play golf. One of the few sports where you keep your own score and call penalties on yourself. A great way to build honesty.

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