Thursday, September 7, 2017

Humans of Downey - Ramon #2


"The worst thing that has happened to me in a car is that I got in an accident in my '63 C10 truck. When I bought this truck I was so ecstatic. I had finally gotten the truck I had always wanted. It was the truck that my grandfather had when I was growing up. Actually, his was an Apache but the only difference was the windshield. They had the same engine, although my truck has a Corvette engine installed. I was so happy. I drove my truck every day.

"A few months after I bought it, I got careless. I sideswiped another vehicle. After that, I lost all the joy of driving it. It just drained me. It wasn't that I was afraid. As a fire fighter and medic, my whole core is to do no harm but to protect others, but here I am causing an accident. It made me want to sell the truck. But thankfully my grandfather talked me out of it. He said, 'No, this is what you've always wanted, you've been talking about this truck for years, you've been fixing it up. Just find joy in it.' And little by little the joy has been coming back. But I'll never forget that accident. It's the only car accident I've ever been in since I've been driving, some 15 years."

~ Ramon

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