Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Humans of Downey - Robert


"I'm the same as everybody else because I'm human. And just like many other people, I'm a parent. I have a six-year-old little girl, Sophie. I show my child love just like other parents. Every day I tell her that I love her and I hug her. I support her by always complimenting her.

"I am different from others because I'm disabled. The left side of my body is paralyzed. The paralysis was caused by a stroke. I cope with my disability by directing my anger at myself because I know that I caused my stroke. I'm also unique from others in that I try to be more creative than others. More creative by the way I use my mind. I'm always thinking of ways to improve things. I used to write but my mind isn't the same now and so I don't write like I used to."

~ Robert

PS I took Robert's picture and interview at the International Food & Music Festival last weekend.

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