Thursday, June 14, 2018

Humans of Downey - Jim (and Andreas)

Jim and Andreas

"I'm glad that I'm a dad. Andreas has brought peace in to my life. My father was always working. My dad immigrated in 1972, my mom came in 1975, and I was born in 1977. The immigrant work ethic was very strong in my family. To get ahead and give the children better than we had meant work, work, work. So, my dad wasn't around very much. Instead, I had my dad and my two uncles as my male role models.

Andreas"I followed in my father's footsteps by choosing to work, work, work. But I don't think that's fair to him, so I have chosen to calm my life down and spend more time with him. Bringing him here to sit and watch him hit golf balls is one way he helps me to be more peaceful. I had to step back and take a look at how I was earning money and see if I could be smarter about it. He is my future and if I want him to be a good person, then I'm going to need to be a role model and a mentor."

~ Jim

"One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters."
~ George Herbert

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