Saturday, May 1, 2010

The "eyes" have it!

Today was the Downey Street Fair. After wandering around the booths for a while, I noticed there was a car show. The cars were fun, with lots of character. I liked this shot because the headlights look like eyes, complete with eye lids.

I must admit, though, they did not measure up to the cars I've followed lately on Monte Carlo daily photo (no $1 million luxury armored car here).


  1. Joan, this is a great shot! Actually I love the old cars probably more than some of those crazily priced cars in Monte Carlo. Yesterday there was an auction of really old cars in Monaco and one a BMW Bugelfalte went under the hammer and eventually reached 4,300,000 euros and there the bidding stopped cos it failed to reach its target! Imagine! Thanks for the mention. Give me one of yours anyday!

  2. Jilly, I thought $1 million was a lot. Clearly, I am uninformed when it comes to ultra-luxury cars.


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