Monday, July 12, 2010

Art...or not?


Graffiti dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. To some, it is art; to others, it is vandalism. In Downey, you can call the Graffiti Hotline to have the graffiti painted over within a day or two.

We found this graffiti, along with the tools of the tagger trade, on a recent walk along the San Gabriel riverbed as we passed under the Santa Ana freeway. The Color Place brand of spray paint appears to be a favorite brand.


  1. I always enjoy reading something funny. But if its cuss words or just paint sprayed, it's definitely not art.

  2. I do like this picture with spray can in the foreground, we also have loads of graffiti here in Cape Town but no hotline lol there are some really good graf pieces though, I think it's also important to distinguish between taggin' and graf art, this however is not art , "DYEN" more like taggin' call that hotline ;-)

  3. I too like the can in the foreground -- and the one in the middle righthand side of the shot. I cannot call this art. Artists appreciate their surroundings and wouldn't litter.


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