Thursday, July 15, 2010

Twilight Concert in the Park

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The lawn chairs appear hours before the concert begins. The picnic blankets are spread as a sign of friendly territorial claims and the first of the crowd hunkers down to wait. The hum settles and even the dogs quiet to listen to the unseen voice announce the hamburger stand is open and the Downey Princesses are glad to serve you up a slice of cake or some popcorn or maybe a chili dog...

Another Downey Princess is smiling and waving to the parade of cars crawl through the small parking lot hoping for an overlooked parking spot.

The two Princesses that caught my attention, though, were the girls giggling and whispering under a white tent full of serious, focused, fast-paced adults. As seriously as the girls were taking their assignment (taking the money for the donations for food), they seemed to be having the most fun out of the whole group.

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