Thursday, January 31, 2013

Political issues


Being a civil servant isn't always cutting ribbons, kissing babies and making important plans for other people. Sometimes, it’s helping people through a tough time that neither of you have much control over.

DSC_0301Councilman Vargas recently organized a community meeting for his district to talk about CalTrans’ widening of Interstate 5 where it goes through his district. He brought two city engineers to discuss the ramifications to the residences in the area.

There will be street closures, major streets that will go from four lanes to two and other through streets that will be converted into cul-de-sac streets. For 18 months, several hundred families will be subjected to construction noise, dirt and traffic nightmares.

There was a crowded house as the mike was passed around the room so people could ask questions and make comments. The councilman is trying to ease his constituents through this difficult but necessary time.

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