Sunday, January 13, 2013

Circular reasoning

Skid mark circles

OK, this isn't what I had planned to show you today. But after yesterday's post about the "crop circle" that mysteriously appeared in our neighborhood, I was startled to discover another circular skid mark today.

These are, as nearly as I can tell, perfectly shaped circles. It seems unlikely that a driver could make such a perfect circle intentionally. Joan asked, in yesterday's post, "Could some intelligent being have done this?" Given that this circle covers both directions of a busy Downey street, I think we have our answer: No!


  1. A human did this, intentionally. They are called "doughnuts," and the creation is accompanied by much tire squealing and rubber smoke. Intelligent? Not so much ...


  2. I study Crop Circles, and this is REAL. I just " know. " --Kimberly--


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