Monday, April 7, 2014

Environmental asphalt

Kelterite silos

I've been taking a different route home from work lately, and these huge silos glowing in the evening sun keep catching my eye. They are the tallest structures in the area, and even more so with the flag waving up on top.

I've shown you these silos before (The asphalt business). At that time, I thought this was CEI Enterprises, because that is the logo on the other side of the silos. But now I know, this is Kelterite Corporation.

Kelterite is an environmentally clean asphalt producer and seller for the area. This facility features six, 300-ton, asphalt storage silos, made by CEI. (There's another row behind these three.)

So, now I've taken a picture of both sides of these huge silos. Wouldn't it be interesting to see what actually goes on there?

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