Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter traditions


Easter is full of traditions in every house that celebrates it. Even when I was a kid, somebody hid painted hard-boiled eggs for us to find.

Some kids are a little young to appreciate the significance of the Easter egg hunt, but the parents do and so they continue the tradition to show that they will teach their children the meaning of the tradition. And sometimes, that's just to have fun.

DSC_0804Before you have the Easter egg hunt, though, you have to have the Easter egg painting party. I can remember using that same wire holder when I was a kid.

DSC_0811And then there is the tradition of the Easter dinner. Usually held with lots of people and lots of food.

What traditions did you do for Easter?

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  1. You have brought back a lot of memories with this post. My family observed these traditions as I was growing up, and we decorated the eggs with our own children, as well. They loved finding the hidden eggs. Usually the eggs we hid were candy or plastic filled with candy. We used the decorated ones for creamed eggs on toast. Going to church as a family was also part of our tradition.


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