Thursday, April 30, 2015

Imagination vs knowledge


I was at the Downey Gateway yesterday and noticed this quote on one of the walls installed as part of the Firestone project. I thought of a relative I recently visited that is studying to get his PhD in chemistry and wondered if he would agree with Mr. Einstein.

Do you think Einstein meant it just for physics or for life in general? Have you ever noticed a real life situation where this quote was true?

By the way, what do you imagine you see just above the wall?


  1. Above the Wall ... first I thought it was a fast-flowing river. I had to read the post before I was oriented.

    For me, Einstein's quote applies to our life as humans. Knowledge is not insight, or direction forward. It tells us how things are, but not how they could be be.

  2. I agree with Frank above. What we know has already been discovered. It takes imagination to know what the results of using that information could lead to. Knowledge without imagination remains the status quo.

  3. Frank and Barbara, thanks for your comments. You've expressed the thoughts so well, both are worthy of quoting in the future!


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